Reborn Academy of Sport

It is RKEA’s aim to discover and develop the athletic potential within every learner as part of a balanced and challenging co-curriculum.

RKEA continues to provide a physical fitness and sports education program that has a positive influence on all skill levels and abilities of learners. We aim to foster every leaner’s interest in sport, from aspiring athletes to those for whom sport is just part of a healthy lifestyle.

To help us achieve this, we offer outstanding facilities and an exceptional team of coaches. This level of support guarantees the best possible environment for every student to develop their skills.

Swimming Center

The RAS Learn to Swim program focuses on a learning environment where fun and inclusivity support the foundations of water safety education.


Gymnastics is a sport that includes exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance.


Rugby is a team sport that delivers significant social and health benefits. 


Playing football at a young age provides mental and physical benefits to children through physical activity, including strength and flexibility.