“Every child can succeed and achieve significant growth.”                                        This purpose sits at the heart of what we do each and every day with each and every child.

Our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals from all walks of life who share one common purpose.

The diligent supervision of the our school’s mission, vision, and values and the strategic framework guides the growth and development of RKEA in the present and into the future.

From the beginning, RKEA has been distinguished by its enduring principles and energetically innovative plans.

The many groups and individuals working together to achieve common goals and aspirations have sustained and enriched the school.

We seek to achieve our goals to nurture a generation that is aware of education values. We take great pride in all our accomplishments at all levels and extend our sincere thanks and great gratitude to everyone who has trusted the vision and worked hard to fulfill the promise and is still working with extreme efforts with diligence, understanding the responsibility placed upon us.

Bader Almandeel, Founder | CEO

At RKEA, education and safety are the priority in all that we do. We strive to implement the best practices, integrating social and academic learning in every aspect of the school day. By teaching and reinforcing our expectations, routines, and school rules, we believe students can best focus on their most important task in learning.
We value your child and appreciate your encouragement, as we believe that education is a partnership between home and school. We place a great emphasis on our relationship with parents.

Latifa AlMandeel, General Manger

The staff and the school leadership at RKEA accept that they are committed to our strong moral purpose. The principals and other school leaders work together closely to achieve our vision.

Directors and educational leaders guide the strategic and operational elements of the running of our large multi-campus school. This experienced team is deeply committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for every student.

Ms. Susanne Rechlin

Principal Al-Zahra

Welcome to our website! As you browse through the different pages, you will get a feel for what RKEA is all about: quality, caring, and professionalism. You will learn about the value we place on an outstanding education in the early years, making sure we teach the whole child.
Although we have tried our best to capture the spirit of RKEA through our media, it is almost impossible to portray in pictures all the fun we have here at school.
We are very proud and excited about our monthly events which celebrate the learning that is constantly going on. These events reflect the units we teach and put this learning into context.
We place high value on parent/school communication and have established a variety of channels to keep everyone in our school community informed about our common goal: raising well-rounded, happy children who can reach their top potential.
With this, I leave you, dear visitor, to peruse our pages. Enjoy!

Ms. Alyson Harris

Principal, Al-Rawda | Al-Siddiq

A child laughing is one of the most precious sounds you will hear, knowing that your child is happy and having fun. At RKEA, laughter, making friends, and having fun while learning are at the top of the list, together with making a mess and enjoying our day at school, not far behind.
At RKEA, we have the energy and inclination to be adventurous and motivate the students while they are having fun and learning. That is what makes us unique. We get results, while the students are enjoying themselves on a daily basis.
We have so much to offer each individual student. Every student in our care is special, and we give our love freely, as well as teach them to be well-mannered Kuwaiti citizens. Starting your child on their educational ladder with RKEA will be one of the best things you can do for them.
We succeed where other preschools have failed, because we are forever striving to improve our services for you and your children. With continued cooperation and communication between school and parent. Welcome to Reborn!

Ms. Linda Baki

Principal Milestone

Dear Visitors,
I have the honor of being the Principal at the place I love: Milestone.
Over the years, it has become our special needs community’s second home.
We take pride in being a nursery where every student can find an avenue for success and in being a community in which everyone strives to find the best in themselves and others.
I am grateful that we have such an amazing relationship with our community, and we will continue to strive to be the type of nursery that our families can be proud to send their children to since the success of our students is built on the partnership we have with our families and community.
Enjoy looking through our website.